Obama: I’ll Boost Funds for Bike-Ped Projects If Elected

Barack Obama riding with his family last week.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama addressed bicycle advocates and industry leaders at a Chicago fundraiser on Thursday, lending more weight to the pro-bike comments he delivered in Portland, Oregon last month. Industry mag Bicycle Retailer has the scoop:

Barack Obama, in a private 20-minute meeting with members of the Bikes
Belong board of directors, told them if he were elected president he
would increase funding for cycling and pedestrian projects. And the
presumptive Democratic presidential nominee also said he would support
Safe Routes to Schools programs.

Stan Day, SRAM’s president, said that Obama "gets it." He pointed out
that Obama understands that bicycles can be part of a solution to
issues as diverse as health care, obesity, energy and environmental
policy. "He does his homework and he can connect the dots," he said.

Obama’s Oregon campaign co-chair, Representative Earl Blumenauer, said it was remarkable for a candidate to meet with bike advocates so early in the general election season.

Photo: Associated Press

  • Agh! The left-wing dog wistle! It’s killing me!

    This is how evangelical christians must have felt when George Bush was running for office.

  • oh take it easy josef. give him some credit. it’s better than freaking mccain, who doesn’t even use computers


  • I’m not rying to be critical. I think it is awesome that I am being pandered to. It is a strange feeling, that is all.

    I wonder how much of this dog-whistling will lead to a more equitable distribution amongst travel modes in the 2009 re-authorization of ISTEA, that is all.

    I would be really disappointed if bicycling became President Obama’s version of Bush’s gay marriage ban – oft discussed but never enacted.

  • That is all.

  • Hi –
    I was so inspired by this post that I’m going to be organizing an Obama Bike Tour on Saturday, June 28 as part of the campaign’s Unite for Change activities that day. The plan is to have our pack visit all (or most) of the places Obama has appeared in here in Los Angeles as part of his campaign…So far I have:

    LA Trade Tech College, Downtown
    Dorothy chandler Pavilion, Downtown (his upcoming stop on June 24)
    Kodak Theatre, Hollywood
    Dorsey HS, Crenshaw District
    Rancho Cienega Park, Baldwin Hills
    Universal Ampitheatre, Universal City

    Hopefully we can pass by some house parties that have already been organized for that day so we can have people cheering us on. If anyone is interested in participating or helping out (I need someone who can help me with spoke cards), shoot me an email – elsongs at gmail dot com

  • i understand the cut of your gib josef.

    i think the real story is… why do they keep cropping the pictures to hide who’s riding behind obama.

    i think it’s the next veep.