Metro Picks Locally Preferred Alternative for Orange Line Extension


Metro moved a step closer to extending the Orange Line today when it released a Locally Preferred Alternative for an extension from Canoga Park to Chatsworth.  As Metro notes in its press release, the Metro Board still needs to approve the staff’s recommendation and then go into the final environmental review before the project can be funded and built.

You can read Metro’s full release after the jump:


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) today
released a Locally Preferred Alternative for the Canoga Transportation
Corridor Project, a possible northern extension of the successful Metro
Orange Line service

staff will recommend to the Metro Board that it select a busway alternative
on a Metro-owned former railroad right-of-way for the potential four-mile
service extension from the current busway terminus in Canoga Park to

Locally Preferred Alternative is the result a one-year environmental
review process that evaluated potential impacts for transit service
along several possible corridors, including Metro’s own existing railroad
right-of-way, Canoga Avenue, De Soto Avenue, and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
The Canoga Busway alternative was chosen because of its cost-effectiveness
compared to other on-street dedicated bus lane alternatives, minimal
environmental impacts, improved safety and quicker transit travel times.

staff’s recommended Locally Preferred Alternative includes a grade
separation over Metrolink/Union Pacific tracks and Lassen Street that
enables the busway to directly enter the Chatsworth Metrolink Station

projected cost of this recommended alternative is $191 million in December
2007 dollars

Metro Board of Directors will consider staff’s recommendation at its
June 26 Board meeting at Metro’s headquarters building in downtown
Los Angeles.  If the Board approves the recommended alternative,
the project would then move into its Final EIR and preliminary engineering

obtain a copy of the LPA report or to view a project map, visit

Image: Metro 

  • Awesome!

    Now lets figure out a good timeline to upgrade this project to light rail? 2015?

  • Alan Fishel

    Let’s save the money for the Canoga Ave extension and put the effort in upgrading the Orange bus line into a LRT line. The line is at saturation and busses can not be added do to blocking cross streets. The busses are small and very uncomfortable inside. A LRT line can carry many times more riders faster, more comfortable and with fewer operators at much less cost than the busses.

    So why is any more effort being put into the Orange bus line instead of putting the money and effort into making this a more efficient and faster LRT line?

  • Wad

    Alan, don’t forget the money that has been sunk into making the Orange Line a busway. When you convert it into light rail, you have to add this cost into the construction cost of light rail.

    Building it as light rail from the get-go would have been cheaper. The problem was that Zev would never have gotten off his ass to build anything but the busway he has fawned over in Curitiba.


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