10 and 405 Freeway Ride, on Bicycles

Disclaimer: It’s not legal to ride your bike on the 405 or the 10. So kids, don’t try this at home.

Via WestSideBikeSide, last week 10 cyclists took to the highways arguing that riding on a highway at rush hour is no less safe than riding on the PCH.

Other blogs have picked up the video. Metblog called it "equal parts stupid and awesome," and Joke Is Up calls it a "great little bit of anarchy here in Los Angeles." Viewers at You Tube seem similarly at odds. One poster says he "fell asleep b4 I got to the part where the idiots got crushed by a Hummer," but another commenter asks what I think is the million dollar question, "LA is made for cars. Why are bicycles getting places faster?"

  • LA Bike Rider

    This demonstrates my pet peeve about bicycling in LA: direct right-of-ways exist only for cars, buses, and trains.

    When bicyclists asked for an elevated westside-UCLA veloway in the 1970’s, in order to ride safely past the 405 and all of the cross-traffic, we were summarily dismissed and laughed at.

    Everyone who rides a bike is keeping down the cost of gasoline for the car-addicted. Why can’t we at least have decent roadspace to ride on?

  • LA Bike Rider,

    An elevated bikeway defeats all the benefits that on-street bicycle facilities have to offer: slower automobile speeds, safer streets, better commercial business revenues, and better liveability.

    Those things seem like they have nothing to do with cycling, but they are crucial political ingredients into any change in the way the roadway will be used.

  • Damien Newton

    The New Yorkers syndicated one of our stories. To check out what they have to say about this ride on the east coast go here:


  • LA Bike RIder


    you might be right, veloways might be a crackpot idea, but as far as i know, we haven’t tried any.

    trouble is, if you expect ordinary folks to bike to work, more than a mile, something must be done to make the ride faster and safer. drawing sharrows doesn’t cut it. making us ride on LA’s potholed streets competing with cars doesn’t do it.

    as i recall, the original proposal was from brentwood to ucla. i’d be hard-pressed to convince anyone that riding on sunset or wilshire is practical or safe.


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