Militant Angeleno Finds the Bike Parking at Dodger Stadium

I Wonder Where He Parks It

The Militant Angeleno took his bike to Dodger Stadium, found the bike parking, but left unimpressed:

On the awesome side, the Militant (who has definitely done this kind of thing before) may or may not have been the first cyclist evar to lock up his bike in the new Dodger Stadium bicycle parking facility (pictured above). The Militant Makes History!

But on the foul side, designed for 20 bicycles (perhaps more if you’re creative enough), this bike rack, known in cycling circles as a "wheelbender" is normally frowned upon by more experienced bicyclists, as not only, as its moniker suggests, do they allow thinner-wheeled bikes to get bent more than a Bart Simpsonesque insult, but if you don’t park your bike correctly, they can leave you with 2/3rds of your bicycle missing.

For a full report, or to bask in the pictures, head over to the Militant’s website.

Photo: Big League Stew/Flickr

  • talk about a minor league effort.
    the dodgers really fouled this one up
    could the parking be any more bush leauge?

    no, but seriously, talk about offering the bare minimum, the dodgers really struck out on this one.

    ok, i’ll stop – but the baseball puns are just too hard to resist

  • When you’re slidin’ into third and and you feel a juicy turd… diarrhea.

    The racks are just that… diarrhea.

  • Justin

    I think everyone should give the Dodgers a break here. People asked from bike racks, and they put them in. If noone uses them they haven’t made a huge investment, and the few people who do use them will at least have something. If people do use them then the Dodgers will hopefully upgrade them in the future, as they will then become a part of the overall attractiveness of the park. Until the crappy rack that they have there has at least half a dozen bikes on it, every game, don’t expect to see an improvement, because it doesn’t make sense for them to make one.