SOCATA Monthly Meeting

Our October 11th meeting will feature
guest speaker Paul Dyson, president of the Rail Passenger Association
of California (RailPAC), on the topic "High Speed Rail: It’s Time For
Action!" Mr. Dyson will discuss Proposition 1A, which would provide $10
billion in bonds toward the creation of a high speed rail network for

Paul Dyson has spent 40 years in the barge, railroad, intermodal and
trucking industries, and is Vice Chair of the City of Burbank
Transportation Commission. He is a graduate of British Railway’s
management training program, a lifelong campaigner for environmentally
friendly transportation, and a member of the Sierra Club.

Please click on the "Meetings" button at the left for directions to the
meeting location. Mr. Dyson’s talk is free and open to the public.

  • The March 8 meeting will feature as guest speaker Roger Moliere, Metro’s Director of Real Estate.

    Originally, we had invited him to speak on the various public/private partnership development deals in the works around Metro Rail stations, but as he was the primary staff architect of the gating proposal, I expect a lot of questions to be asked about that as well.

    The public is welcome to join in.