Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: There’s been a lot written about bikes and the Occupy Movement here, at GRIST and Transportation Nation, but an article in Next American City makes the case that the Occupy Movement is a Livable Streets Movement (and vice-versa).  A must read, regardless of politics.

  • Mayor Announces Ambitious Plan for More Pocket Parks (LAT)
  • City Council, Developer, Scrap Agreement for 2.8 Acre Park at South L.A. Farm Site (LAT)
  • L.A. I Embracing Transit for the First Time in Decades (Frying Pan News)
  • BNSF Rail Transfer Yard in Long Beach Remains Controversial (Daily Breeze)
  • Occupiers March on DTLA, Media Freaks Out About Congestion (LAT)
  • L.A. Car Show Drops Greenwashing Premise, Celebrates Expensive “Power” Cars (Daily News)
  • New Design for AEG Station Looks Like Those Flying Column Things from Tron Upside Down (LAT)
  • Bike Shop Restaurant Opens in Calbassas (Biking In LA)
  • Citing the Ever-Present Threat of Terrorism, Sheriff’s Increase Bag Searches at Metro (The Source)
  • Reporting Road Repairs, Graffitti Going High Tech (Daily News)
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  • Anonymous

    What “Ever-Present Threat of Terrorism”? 

    The one that the LASD then gets to earn overtime “fighting” after declaring, with no citation, that it exists?

    How convenient.

  • Yes, that one.

  • Matswaltin

    I was appalled by the focus on traffic by the major news outlets with regards to the Occupy march.  Trust me, there’s been worse traffic.  It’s funny how they stress the paltry crowds and the lack of consensus and then they talk about how it’s the worst traffic calamity the city has ever seen.