Move LA Action Alert on House Ways and Means Markup of Transportation Bill



We need your immediate help today! Late last night the House Ways & Means Committee released their transportation funding bill, and it’s a very significant assault on federal transit funding. In an unprecedented move, the Ways and Means Committee will kick transit funding out of the Highway Trust Fund and into the annual appropriations process, which means that every year transit would have to fight for its full share of funding in Congress. This is the absolute wrong way to go, and we urgently need you to help us stop it!

We need you to place calls to your representative TODAY–especially if they’re on the Ways & Means Committee. Tell them to vote against this bill because it’s not okay to gut transit funding by kicking transit out of the trust fund.

Ways & Means is holding a mark-up Friday morning, Feb 3, at 9 AM. Make sure that your representative hears from you before then.

This is the biggest and most dangerous move that the House has made. They are scheduled to vote on this Friday morning so now is the time to act on repulsing this. Many of you will not be in the districts below however we need to consider all options, and do an all out press on our CA members of the Ways and Means Committee:



Wally Herger, CA – Northern Central CA 202-225-3076, District 530-893-8363

Devin Nunes, CA – Fresno/Central Valley 202-225-2523, District 559-323-5235



Mike Thompson, CA – Northern CA: he doesn’t need to be swayed…he just needs to get a lot of traffic on this so that he will push as hard as possible on this. 202-225-3311, District 707-226-9898


Also call:

House Ways and Means Committee

Dave Camp, Chair, 202-225-3625

Fortney Pete Stark CA 202-225-5065, District 510-494-1388

Xavier Becerra CA 202-225-6235, District 213-483-1425