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Wiki Wednesday: Farmer’s Markets

South Bronx Greenmarket. Photo: Susan Donovan Streetsblogger rex commented earlier today that we may be headed for what he termed a "Grapes of Wrath kind of economy" — one in which businesses prosper by paring down inventories to bare essentials while doing what they can to make themselves more accessible to the car-free masses. Another […]

Wiki Wednesday: Community Mapping

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Bike trails in San Jose, CA, on OpenStreetMap As a kid I used to periodically raid my grandparents’ stash of National Geographics. Not for photos of women in scant native dress, but for the way cool maps, with which I would wallpaper my room. Ironically, the maps did eventually give way to Paulina Porizkova posters, […]

Wiki Wednesday: Bike Bus

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Today’s Streetswiki entry comes from Josh, a Livable Streets member based in San Francisco, who writes: A Bike Bus is a group of cyclists riding together to a specific destination on a schedule with an experienced leader. Bike Buses are often formed by commuters who ride together to work. However, a Bike Bus can be […]

Wiki Wednesday: Zero VMT Vehicles

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In a StreetsWiki entry on zero VMT vehicles, Streetsblog regular gecko proposes that a focus on shifting mode share to human-powered vehicles like bikes and the Aerorider (right) would be the most efficient means to bring necessary reductions in greenhouse gases, and would transform Manhattan, for one, into a bright green paradise. Since it is […]