Today’s Headlines

  • As the anniversary of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol nears, an L.A. Times photographer’s never-seen-before helmet cam footage of the moments leading up to the breach. (LAT)
  • Meanwhile, VA Senator Tim Kaine is among the many, many, many people stranded overnight on I-95 after crashes, snow bring traffic to a halt. (NBC, NYT, WaPo, live updates on CNN); Why was the storm so severe? (WaPo)
  • An intergenerational group of Pueblo women lead the way on water policy along the Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico. (High Country News)
  • Solar and green jobs in a Kentucky coal county? (NYT)
  • The constructive value of anger in fighting climate inaction. (LAT Op Ed)
  • A history of plastics and their role in climate change (The Atlantic)
  • Beaches reopen after spill from 60-year-old failed sewer line that was near replacement. (LAT, LAist)
  • The COVID numbers health officials are watching (NPR); L.A. County school safety guidelines (LAist); Meanwhile, with 1 million cases in one day, the U.S. sets new global record (L.A. Daily News/AP)
  • Who will fill the big shoes of California’s longest serving auditor? (LAT)
  • San Ramon police unleash K9 on Uber driver who missed payments. (SF Chronicle, SFist)
  • How much progress did the LAX makeover make last year? (Urbanize L.A.)
  • L.A. won’t allow rent hikes for most tenants until 2023 (LAT)
  • Let street vendors thrive (LAT)
  • City crews removed historic lampposts from Glendale-Hyperion bridge to discourage theft (Eastsider)

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