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  • Matt

    The headlines here pretty much show why the complete streets movement is falling apart here in LA.

    1. Actress is hit by a car while riding in a bike lane.
    2. Boyle Heights public housing residents have multiple cars per household and are complaining about no place to park them. These are people who have to rely on the hard work of other taxpayers to provide housing for them and they pretty much say they are too good to ride the bus (at least according to one of the managers when asked about more public transport).
    3. No one seems to like My Fig, which took a decade to get built. Not the car enthusiasts, pedestrians, or bike riders. No wonder why bike ridership is falling and few bike projects are getting done or slated to get done in the next few years.

  • sahra

    Leave it to you to take one quote out of a story written by a high schooler and use it to denigrate a community. You are special, Matt Mason. Never change.

  • Matt

    What does it matter that a high schooler wrote the story? Nothing wrong with the article and do you think she is somehow not capable of taking a quote?
    The point is that people who are very poor and need government subsidized housing are still spending what little money they have on cars despite living in an urban environment close to DTLA. It is not very encouraging for the complete streets movement to say the least.
    Instead of belittling an aspiring young journalist’s work, Streetsblog should be encouraging them and even hiring them to cover their local area like East or South LA instead of someone from out of the area who comes down for a couple of hours and then back to their privileged part of town.

  • Joe Linton

    It seems like you’re quick to judge the people – while not considering the city priorities/issues that makes it so these folks more-or-less need a car.

  • Matt

    For 70 years or so, parking wasn’t an issue in these housing projects and now it is just when the homeless population is exploding and there are plenty of carless people in the City who need housing as well and yet we have families with multiple cars living here and in some cases can afford to insure, register, maintain and gas 3,4 and even 5 cars. I think it is perfectly appropriate to question whether very limited public housing is going to the neediest people given this.

    Either way, the City is not going to build any more parking for them and actually wants to build more housing where parking currently is.

    Yes, you can’t really blame the people living here if the government lets them get away with it, but what in the last few years has made people more inclined to spurn the bus, a bike, or a train than the 80’s and 90’s? Boyle Heights is now connected to the rail system, which is actually an improvement over that time period. It is just an example of our sad state of affairs that people continue to abandon public transit and biking even among those who can presumably least afford to do so.

  • Matt

    For Sahra to imply that the local Boyle Heights students’ work is substandard because they are high schoolers and not worthy of reference is really reprehensible and beyond the pale. I know she doesn’t appreciate me pointing out the ignored key stakeholders, unintended consequences and hypocrisy in her advocacy writing and actions, but her statement above really shows her true colors.

    I’ve pointed out when she rails against gentrification and people and actions that she believes is leading to gentrification, how hypocritical it is of Streetsblog to do this when they have chosen to hire an outsider instead of a local to do their East and South LA reporting. Sahra responded that Streetsblog probably didn’t have the resources to do this and she volunteers in local schools. Somehow, Streetsblog had the resources to find a Silver Lake writer to cover this though. Overall, it is a lame excuse that just doesn’t fly. Also, by having this unwarranted condescending attitude towards students and their work, it seems her school volunteering may be doing more harm than good.