Today’s Headlines

  • Unallocated CRA Funding To Go To Ped Projects (Urbanize)
  • Carnage: Sylmar Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian (Daily News)
  • Reddit Photo/Comments: New Express Lane Posts Don’t Work
  • SMH: Santa Monica Is On the Road To Parking Hell (SM Mirror)
  • Expo Park Soccer Stadium On Track For 2018 Opening (Curbed)
  • Newport Beach’s Balboa Island Gets Its First Bike Corral (Daily Pilot)
  • Phoenix AZ Installs Its First Protected Bike Lanes (ABC15)
  • A Brief History Of L.A. City Hall (KCET)

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  • Jason

    While that bit about Santa Monica parking is pure NIMBY whining and I’m sure that improving the bus system would probably just cause them to move on to complaining about something else, they’re not wrong that Big Blue Bus service isn’t good enough for getting around point-to-point within Santa Monica for many trips, and is especially not good enough to look like a viable substitute for people who are used to driving everywhere. The system map makes the service look a lot better than it is.

    Looking at the northern part of Santa Monica, Route 18 mostly runs every 30 minutes, with handful of hours it instead runs every 20 minutes. Route 9 runs every 30 minutes during the week and every 45 minutes on the weekends, and has reliability issues because of its route (Entrada in particular). Route 43 doesn’t run on the weekends. Route 2 operates every 20 minutes, which isn’t particularly great. So for much of northern Santa Monica, there is no route (or no quality route that people will choose to use) until you hit Santa Monica Blvd.

    Run routes like 18 more frequently, add some north-south lines, and Big Blue Bus would present a much more realistic option for a lot of people. The pay-for-transfers policy also needs to go, for a trip involving multiple people you’re barely saving any money over paying for one of the downtown structures.

  • michael macdonald

    There was also another high speed crash resulting in a fatality on N. Figueroa at Ave 45 on Saturday (10/21):

    6 traffic deaths on a 2 1/2 mile stretch of road over 5 years. 3 deaths since Los Angeles adopted Vision Zero as official policy. No action from the city.

  • Joe Linton

    Missed that – will include in tomorrow’s headlines – sad

  • Jason

    Some example numbers:

    The day rate for the downtown parking structures is $17.50. For two people making a round trip by BBB that requires a transfer, at the current fare of $1.25 (let’s ignore passes since many people in Santa Monica don’t ride the bus anywhere near often enough to have any type of pass), that’s $10. I’m going to call gas negligible for anyone coming in from within Santa Monica you’re only talking about 3-4 miles of driving, and probably on surface streets to boot.

    Combine this with how bad BBB seems to be about having buses all arriving at transfer points at the same time, thus causing you to have to wait the maximum headway to make a transfer, and it’s not hard to understand why people would spend a little bit more and avoid BBB even for something like going downtown. Even if you got rid of double-dipping on transfers to increase the amount of money you’d save by taking the bus, I don’t think the bus service is good enough to make people willing to save the money over paying to park in a structure.