With Votes Still Being Counted, Cedillo and Bray-Ali Appear Poised For Runoff

Council District 1 election tallies as of press time - screen grab via lavote.net
Council District 1 election tallies as of press time - screen grab via lavote.net

As SBLA reported last week, the city of Los Angeles Council District One primary election race was too close to call. It remains so today.

It is clear that incumbent councilmember Gil Cedillo placed first, with challenger Joe Bray-Ali second. It is not clear whether Cedillo received enough votes to win outright and avoid a May runoff election against Bray-Ali.

There was good news today for the Bray-Ali campaign as the latest vote tallies show incumbent councilmember Gil Cedillo’s percentage slipping.

Late on election night with 100 percent of precincts reporting, Cedillo appeared to be the narrow outright victor with 50.98 percent: 6,702 votes out of 13,147 counted. Today, the County Clerk elections website has updated with new totals shown above. Since election night, 5960 additional CD1 votes have been counted, bringing the overall total from 13,147 to 19,107. As of today, Cedillo is receiving 9,459 votes out of 19,107. This brings his overall percentage to 49.51 percent. From election night tallies Cedillo was 128 votes above 50 percent; he is now 98 votes shy of 50 percent.

Votes are still being counted, but if Cedillo’s percentage remains below 50 percent, he will face Bray-Ali in a May 16 runoff.

  • America Lopez

    Amazing report! I have been disappointed with other news outlets that been given false numbers or calling the race because they are not aware of the democratic voting process. Thank you very much on reporting that votes are still being counted. Keeping my fingers crossed for the May runoff! =)

  • davistrain

    I don’t have a “dog in this fight”, living in San Gabriel, but I think Mr. Bray-Ali would be like a fresh breeze blowing through City Hall.

  • Matt Ruscigno RD MPH

    Whoa! This is incredible for Joe, and all of us.
    When will the tally be finalized so we know if there is a run-off or not?

  • Joe Linton

    I understand that it’s supposed to be final certified within 30 days or a month – something like that. I expect that it it’s still this tight, whomever is on the losing side of this may initiate a re-count… so who knows.

  • Lisa Roye

    I live in Florida and I found out about this race from a Jimmy Dore video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oALlTphuZw8

    If Joe doesn’t win this election, please nominate him for a US Congressional seat through http://www. justicedemocrats.com

    Justice Democrats are committed to the progressive agenda and every candidate has to pledge not to take money from corporations or billionaires. They want regular people to run, not politicians.