Today’s Headlines

  • Expo Just Had Its Best Ridership Month Ever (Curbed)
  • Fluor P3 Would Use Future Fares To Speed Orange Line Projects (L.A. Magazine)
  • LAT Profiles TOD Developer Dan Rosenfeld
  • Carnage: Three Killed In Wrong-Way Driver Crash In Commerce (NBC4, LAT)
  • Man In Fight Knocked Onto L.A. Subway Tracks (YouTube)
  • No-Parking 8-Story Building Proposed In Central City West (Urbanize)
  • L.A. Weekly Previews (2015 oops) Unsanctioned Marathon Crash Bike Ride
  • River Bicyclist “Emotional Escalation” Incident Causes Contractor Harm (USACE Facebook)
  • Bellflower Approves West Santa Ana Branch Bike Trail (Wave)
  • L.A. Needs Housing But Not Next To Freeways (LAT)
  • Ports Reduced Pollution, But Lost Truckers’ Trust (KPCC)
  • Sarcastic CityWatch Columnist Asks What’s Next For Anti-Measure S Coalition
  • Fix BART’s Budget Deficit By Increasing Parking Charges (Systemic Failure)

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  • James

    I’m I the only one who would like to see Metro reconfigure older light rail vehicle interiors to match the newer Kiniko Sharyo trainsets so as to allow cyclists to stand with their bicycles near a door rather than having to make our way past standing passengers to the articulated section in the middle? Did metro consider and then reject bike hooks for vertical storage?
    I had hoped that with the new paint schemes we’d have seen some interior upgrades. I routinely have to stand in the articulated section with my bicycle from downtown to Long Beach (before riding another hour home). Of course there are always other cyclists blocking doors and passengers. I am almost always alone in the cramped little articulated section.

  • James

    On the subject of older light rail vehicles, I was under the impression that the older train sets would get a paint scheme similar to the new Kiniko Sharyo trains. That seems to have been abandoned for a pretty dreary grey with yellow stripe and none of the high visibility yellow that was talked about when the new train sets were unveiled. Did anyone get an explanation for this? I could never get a response to my emails on the subject.