2016 L.A. Streetsies: Vote for Journalist/Writer of the Year


It is time to vote for your choice in the fourth 2016 Streetsie award: Journalist/Writer/Media of the Year. This Streetsie category is defined pretty broadly to include not just traditional media, but various ways of getting livability messages out from vlogging to research.

Voting starts today and will close on Thursday, January 5, 2017 at noon. Reader voting accounts for one half of the scoring this year, with one quarter going to SBLA staff voting, and another quarter going to the SBLA steering committee vote. Last year we had a lot of apparent robo-votes coming in in large quantities from a few IP addresses, so we now have some safeguards to try to separate individual human votes from bionic ones.

2016 Journalist/Writer of the Year

  • Zachary Rynew (77%, 709 Votes)
  • Hillel Aron (13%, 116 Votes)
  • Steve Scauzillo (7%, 61 Votes)
  • Kerry Cavanaugh (4%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 926

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Be sure to also vote in all six Streetsie award polls.

Hillel Aron on Metro parking
Hillel Aron on Metro parking

Hillel Aron – Hillel Aron writes a varied news beat for the L.A. Weekly, and in doing so, brings the Weekly back to some of its more progressive roots. His 2016 output included excellent coverage of Michael Weinstein, Measure M, Metro parking, and more. His 2012 long-form history of how CicLAvia got going remains an excellent read.

Kerry Cavanaugh on Measure M
Kerry Cavanaugh on Measure M

Kerry Cavanaugh – Kerry Cavanaugh has been nominated for a Streetsie before for her work on the editorial pages of the L.A. Times. Among her 2016 bylined highlights are important pieces on Measure M and politics.

Zachary Rynew's CiclaValley
Zachary Rynew’s CiclaValley

Zachary Rynew – Zachary Rynew blogs at CiclaValley where he ably sheds light on various aspects of bicycling, from facilities to safety to racing. Rynew also works for the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition coordinating communications and volunteers, including writing features for families getting around by bike.

Steve Scauzillo writing for the SGV Tribune
Steve Scauzillo writing for the SGV Tribune

Steve Scauzillo – Second-time Streetsie nominee Scauzillo works the San Gabriel Valley’s environmental and transportation beats at Los Angeles News Group, where his byline appears in the Pasadena Star News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune. He brings an urban sensibility to what can be a somewhat suburban readership. His coverage of San Gabriel Valley Measure M, railbicycling, and transit-oriented development has been excellent.

Honorable Mentions: Adonia Lugo was part of a team of researchers who published Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking for All? a collection of essays exploring marginalized communities and bicycle advocacy, planning, and policy. (Vote for Lugo as part of The Untokening team here.)  Meghan McCarty has strengthened KPCC’s transportation coverage. USC Planning professor Lisa Schweitzer‘s blog is an excellent read; check out The Smartest Boy Urbanist in the Room. Urbanize L.A. gives readers glimpses of L.A.’s transit-oriented future. Researchers Mikhail Chester, Andrew Fraser, Juan Matute, Carolyn Flower, and Ram Pendyala made a great 2016 splash with their late 2015 L.A. parking study.

Past Winners: Laura Nelson, Nathan Lucero On My Bike in L.A., Alissa Walker, Ted Rogers Biking in L.A., and Brigham Yen


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