Eyes On The Street: Metro Bike-Share Really Coming To DTLA This Summer

Metro bike-share coming to a downtown street near you this summer. Photo via Allison Mannos

It is not real until the marketing materials say it is real, right? Via friend of the blog Allison Mannos, enjoy an image from a marketing photo shoot for Metro’s exciting new bike-share system debuting in downtown Los Angeles this Summer. No start date has been announced yet.

The roughly 1000-bike, 60-station system will extend from USC to Union Station throughout a service area roughly bounded by Chinatown, the L.A. River, Washington Boulevard and the 10 Freeway.  The initial $11 million funding is in place for the initial 2-year Metro bike-share contract with operator Bicycle Transit SystemsMetro approved the planned fare structure last November, and in March approved what amounts to basically a half-price discount for low-income people, students, and seniors. Future year system expansion is expected to bring the bike-share system to Pasadena, central Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other parts of L.A. County.

Who else out there is excited to see this great new transportation mode on the streets of downtown L.A.?

  • Los Angeles Bikes

    This can’t happen fast enough! START DATE PLZ!!!!

  • ExpoRider

    I’m very excited about this! I work downtown and I will sign up as soon as they are open for service. I am already a member of the Santa Monica Breeze bike share and can’t wait to use the Metro version of bike share.
    But please, stop saying that the downtown system will serve USC. USC was cut out of the initial roll out last year, but nobody seems to notice.

  • Joe Linton

    I wasn’t aware that USC was cut. What’s the source of this information?

  • ExpoRider

    LADOT/Metro have a map of the station locations for their planned roll-out their web site:
    The map has changed a couple times in the last year, but they haven’t shown any stations south of Washington since last November.

  • Joe Linton

    Thanks – I’ve corrected the article

  • Let’s talk about how Metro’s branding is SUPER on point these days…

  • Steven White

    Im excited for the bike share. But SUPER bummed about the fare structure.

  • Jason

    So are any of the various bikeshare systems opening in LA county compatible with each other or do they all require their own memberships?

  • Joe Linton

    Santa Monica (includes some Venice), Long Beach, Beverly Hills, UCLA, West Hollywood are all the same vendor – CycleHop – so I am pretty sure you don’t need a separate membership. DTLA is a different vendor (Bicycle Transit Systems) and requires a separate membership.

  • Jason

    I don’t think that’s all there is to it, though. Having the same vendor would be important for this but not sufficient to establish that it’s actually the case. I mean, DC and NYC have the same vendor but I can’t use a Capital Bikeshare key to take out a Citibike; the membership databases would have to be linked somehow.

    Also I’m thinking not just of the ability to take out a bike, but about returning bikes as well. For example Beverly Hills bikes are the same color as Santa Monica bikes and the two systems’ zones come pretty close to each other. Can I take out a Beverly Hills Bike and return it at a Santa Monica bike stand and have it count as depositing the bike in-network? I live here and I’m not sure about this, so I can only imagine what a clusterfuck this could present for tourists if the systems are all siloed from each other.

    System maps:

    And here’s the bikes:

    Like I said, double clusterfuck if those systems are siloed given the bikes look mostly the same and have system zones that come very close to each other.


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