Today’s Headlines

  • Sensible Times Op-Ed Easily Solves L.A.’s Traffic Congestion Woes
  • Metro Regional Connector Boring Machine Shipping From Washington State (The Source)
  • Bus Crashes Into, Kills Cyclist Somehow On 10 Freeway in Alhambra (LAT, Biking in L.A.)
  • Report: Blacks, Latinos Drivers Licenses Suspended Disproportionately (LAT)
  • Even In Koreatown, Some Backlash Against Density (KPCC)
  • SGV Tribune Recaps Metro’s Measure R2 El Monte Meeting
    …Metro’s R2 Meetings Touch Down In Van Nuys 6 p.m. Tonight (Metro Plan)
  • L.A.’s Bike Lane Network Is Disconnected (Orange 20)
  • How Metro Plans To Make Union Station Into An Urban Destination (LAT)
  • Uber Settles $10M Lawsuit Over Background Checks (KPCC)
  • Metro Protests North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law (LAT, KPCC)

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  • effron

    “Sensible Times Op-Ed Easily Solves L.A.’s Traffic Congestion Woes”
    #4 makes is pretty much lacking in sense let alone sensibility.

  • D G Spencer Ludgate

    What? It makes perfect sense.

    If you were born before 1970, you walked or rode your bike to school. If mommy or daddy drove you to school, chances are you were teased. Schools published recommended walking routes and had multiple racks for bicycles.

    Now if you let your child walk to school, you are reported to child protective services. Schools no longer have bike racks.

    Having children walk to school has two benefits: 1) it will reduce obesity rates; 2) it will reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

  • effron

    The percentage of children attending public schools have changed dramatically since 1970. The population of children who now attend private schools, charter and magnate schools which are not within 3 miles of home have risen considerably.

    The conditions on the streets have changed considerably too. There are more cars on the road. Compound this with the lack of safe and viable bike infrastructure makes the bike journey to school considerably risky. Plus, as you’ve noted, there are schools which do not provide bike amenities on campus.

    The article suggests that in order for plan #4 to work, it would require parental safety officers — as surely the school district cannot afford this option. Parental volunteers are nice but they are not as dependable as one would wish, plus you’re requiring availability in both the morning and afternoon our when many parents work.

    The list goes on.