Today’s Headlines

  • Metro’s ExpressLanes Are Slowing Down (SGV Tribune)
  • Two Dead As Car Crashes Into Unoccupied Boyle Heights Home (EastsiderLAT)
  • Metro Bus Drivers Object To Lines 190 And 194 Going To Foothill Transit (SGV Tribune)
  • Downey Planning To Host “Ride & Stride” Open Streets Event (Downey Patriot)
  • 6th Street Bridge Dismantling Underway, Freeway Closure Ends Early (Daily News)
  • Inglewood Stadium Success Depends On Surroundings (LAT)
  • New High-Rise Planned Across From Wilshire/Normandie Purple Line Station (Urbanize)
  • Expanding Metro Rail Makes For A Happier City (LAT)
  • Cyclist Gets Due In Court Against Motorist Right Hook (Biking in L.A.)
  • CA High-Speed Rail Faces Delays, Court Challenges (KPCC)
  • Long Beach Converts Tiny Alleys To Walk Streets (Press Telegram)
  • Plenty Of Immigrants Now Driving With Licenses In CA (LAT)
  • KPCC Wants To Know How Your Commute Affects Your Love Life
  • Super Bowl Blocks Bike Path And Bike Parking (SBSF)

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  • Silke

    Someone should report on what little progress Long Beach has made towards its bicycle plan. Walnut was repaved without any bicycle or pedestrian friendly design changes and dropped as a proposed bicycle boulevard. No effort has been made to create a network bicyce friendly streets in the older streetcar era suburbs surrounding downtown. I recall reading an article about bicycle plans and a city official said that no more traffic lanes would be removed for bike lanes. That may have been under the previous mayor. The new mayor was supposedly “the best of climate and livablity” yet I see no evidence of this.
    7th street was repaved and nothing of any substance was done for pedestrians.
    Downtown 6th and 7th are being repaved and the planned bike lanes have apparently been abandoned.
    Pacific is being worked on and yet no one has reported on this. I’m guessing the bike lanes will be intermittent and cyclists will be left with sharrows in the most difficult sections.
    The bike lanes on 2nd street are still an example of unethical and criminally negligent traffic engineering, esp. on the bridge from Marina to Appian where the bike lane is so difficult and dangerous that most use the sidewalk.
    The old left hand turn bike box (Marina/2nd), which was never taken seriously by drivers, has faded away and is rarely used by cyclists who seem to prefer making a left from the far right in conflict with drivers going straight through the intersection.
    Long Beach still feels like a suburb of OC. No driver believes pedestrians ever have the right of way nor do they believe that cyclists have the right to exist. Long Beach traffic engineering seems to be the same old OC style, OCC/UC Irvine school of thought in which all roads are highways, even residential streets.
    Any one who celebrates Long Beach as a “bicycle friendly” model of “livability” is delusional or working for the city or developers and doing a dis-service to the people who actually have to suffer the miserable state of LB’s streets and sidewalks. People need to talk about how dangerous and unpleasant it is to walk or cycle in Long Beach.

  • Kevin Brunke

    That’s the Wilshire/Normandie Purple Line station :)

  • Joe Linton

    true – corrected!