Today’s Headlines

  • LAT Editorial: Make Sure Griffith Park Serves People, Not Cars
    …Shuttles Planned May Not Be Enough For Crowds (CiclaValley)
  • Despite Rail Expansion, Metro Struggles With Declining Ridership (LAT)
    …When Regions Spend Heavily On Highway Expansion, Transit Share Doesn’t Expand (CityLab)
  • Mixed Income Mixed Use TOD Proposed Across From NoHo Red/Orange Line (Urbanize)
  • Sixth Street Bridge Demolition Deadline Draws Crowds (KPCC)
  • Expanded Exide Clean-Up Proceeding Slowly (KPCC)
  • Sustainable Little Tokyo Bucks Gentrification Trends (NRDC)
  • Billboard Company Illegally Cut Back Sunset Triangle Plaza Trees (Curbed)
  • Three Hyperloop Test Tracks Planned (KPCC)
  • Free Parking Is A Symbol, Paid Parking Risks Las Vegas Becoming “Failed State” (LAT)
  • How State Transportation Budget Cuts Affect Southern California (KPCC)
  • L.A. Among Ten National Cities Selected For Vision Zero Network (Vision Zero Network)
    More Thoughts On Vision Zero And Equity (Minneapolis BC)

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  • Mike

    The declining bus ridership is a sticky problem. I used to be a regular Metro bus rider, but, I gave up (in 2010?) because waiting at the bus stop by which thousands of cars pass was demoralizing.

    But at least Metro is a basically compete system. When I lived in OC and took OCTA, I had to plan my life around the bus: 30min off-peak headways, final buses at 9pm or 10pm. The bus ruled my life. There was no spontaneity possible.

    So I’m not surprised that the OCTA is tanking, because that really is a system for a very specific subset of society, and that subset may be shrinking.

  • effron

    I agree, Metro is basically a complete system and I think that’s part of the problem. Riders can readily identify that “this is what it is.” Sadly that includes the feeling that the rides are not always safe, clean or on time.

    Metro doesn’t maintain the safest of standards in the way they operate and maintain their systems. Buses and light rail cars are often filled with trash, graffiti and discarded food. Riders of questionable mental health often inhabit the vehicles.

    Rail isn’t grade separated so delays are common.

    These are issues which Metro is deeply familiar with –in the case of lack of grade separation is was a conscious decision– yet they continue to do nothing about.

    Bottom line, not only is it a ‘complete system’ it’s a second rate one. Now that the Los Angeles has had the opportunity to experience it, small wonder they’re leaving and not coming back.