The Week in Livable Streets Events

Here’s your Thanksgiving Week Calendar of events. Not a lot of them, but let’s all hope we’re thankful for a more progressive City Council come Wednesday afternoon.

sblog_calendarWednesday – The Los Angeles City Council meets to un-pass, un-ammend, and re-pass the recently passed Mobility Plan. Because the city “forgot” to have the Planning Commission approve a handful of technical amendments, the plan is more vulnerable to legal challenges, so now the Council is planning to fix that by taking the amendments out. Those that value fast-moving traffic over safety are planning to show up and make some noise, but the safety-minded Council members who passed the plan are assuring believers in traffic safety that the plan won’t face serious opposition from the Council. The fun starts at 10 a.m. in City Hall. Read the agenda, here.

Thursday, Friday – Streetsblog L.A. is on a mini-break. See you on Monday.

Friday – Each year, Southern California Transit Advocates does a day-after- Thanksgiving study tour, which this year is November 27th. Member Mark Strickert has come up with an itinerary to explore new or recently implemented services and transit centers in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. A full listing for the tour, including the stops, transit agencies, and the rest of the schedule can be found after the jump.

Saturday –  Join the Mar Vista Chamber for their annual Small Business Saturday community event on November 28th – complete with a pop-up protected bike lane, temporary parklet, interactive mural painting, live performances, an art exhibit, and, of course, lots of Holiday Shopping at Local Businesses. The goal? To build community spirit and connectivity while getting people out of their cars and into the streets. FREE event! If you tell them Streetsblog sent you, the event is double-free! We’ll have more on this event later today. For now, you can get more details on Facebook.

December 24 – Join the Streetsblog L.A. team as we carol in front of Mike Bonin’s house to thank him for scheduling the Mobility Plan re-hearing for what was supposed to be a Streetsblog L.A. vacation day. We’ll be starting at 10 p.m. and continuing until midnight, when we’ll bike down to Herb Wesson’s house for an encore.

Did we miss something? Is there something we need to know for next week? Let us know,,

SO.CA.TA Study Tour Listing:

Each year Southern Caifornia Transit Advocates does a day-after- Thanksgiving study tour, which this year is November 27th. Member Mark Strickert has come up with an itinerary to explore new or recently implemented services and transit centers in San Bernardino and Riverside counties:

* Omnitrans 290 — based on past Omnitrans and Inland Empire Connection route 90 and others
* Pass Transit 120 — connects Banning/Beaumont and Calimesa to San Bernardino and Loma Linda
* San Bernardino Transit Center — replaced 4th Street transit scramble, opened 9/8/15
* Moreno Valley Mall — very recently reconfigured bus stop docks

As always, anyone who wishes is welcome to ride along with us. This is a pay your own fare and expenses sort of trip. The trip plan includes options for lunch and also bathroom breaks.

Transit agency websites:
Pass Transit
Riverside Transit Agency (RTA)

Fares noted: Regular / Senior-Disabled

Omnitrans, Pass Transit and RTA offer day passes, which can be purchased on the bus and are generally less expensive than paying single fares when riding all day on multiple lines:

Omnitrans: $5 / $2.25
Pass Transit: $3 / $1.80

RTA: $4 / $2

Metrolink – San Bernardino Line #300 or #302 — $13.25 / $6.50
Leave Los Angeles Union Station — 6:25 or 7:45 AM
Arrive Montclair — 7:40 or 8:40 AM
Arrive San Bernardino — 8:25 or 9:25 AM

Pass Transit 120 — $3.00 / $2.00
Leave 3rd St/east of Metrolink Way (San Bernardino) — 9:40 AM
Arrive Beaumont Walmart — 10:40 AM

RTA 35 — Day Pass $4.00 / $2.00
Leave Beaumont Walmart — 11:00 AM
Arrive NB Perris/Fir — 11:46 AM

RTA 19
Leave NB Perris/Fir — 11:53 AM
Arrive WB Sunnymead/Bowling Alley — 12:01 PM

Lunch at Chicago Pasta House

RTA 19
Leave WB Sunnymead/Bowling Alley — 1:29 or 1:54 PM
Arrive Moreno Valley Mall — 1:42 or 2:07 PM


RTA 35 — Day Pass $4.00 / $2.00
Leave Beaumont Walmart — 11:00 AM
Arrive Moreno Valley Mall — 11:59 AM

Lunch at Hometown Buffet

[Itinerary can be adjusted further for lunch spot in Riverside, especially if mall is Black Friday nuts]

RTA 16
Leave Moreno Valley Mall — 1:52 or 2:09 PM
Arrive Downtown Riverside Transit Center — 2:43 or 3:00 PM

Omnitrans 215 — $1.75 / $0.75
Leave Downtown Riverside Transit Center — 3:07 or 3:50 PM
Arrive San Bernardino Transit Center — 3:42 or 4:25 PM

Omnitrans 290 — $1.75 / $0.75
Leave San Bernardino Transit Center — 4:29 or 5:13 or 5:50 PM
Arrive Montclair — 5:25 or 6:09 or 6:46 PM

Metrolink – San Bernardino Line #333 or #335 or #337
Leave San Bernardino — 5:10* or 6:10 or 7:10 PM – To Los Angeles $13.25 / $6.50
Leave Montclair — 5:44 or 6:44 or 7:44 PM – To Los Angeles $9.75 / $4.75
Arrive Los Angeles Union Station — 6:45 or 7:45 or 8:45 PM

Or, dinner in Montclair/Claremont and Silver Streak back to points west?

(* “Hurry back” option … Take Omnitrans 1 leaving SB Transit Center no later than 4:47 PM)

Best holiday season wishes from SO.CA.TA!


L.A. City Council Approves New Mobility Plan, Including Vision Zero

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Mobility Plan Re-Approval Passes Joint Council Committee Meeting

The city of Los Angeles’ progressive Mobility Plan 2035 was re-affirmed yesterday at a joint meeting of the City Council Transportation and Planning Committees. In August, the plan was approved on a 12-2 vote of the L.A. City Council. Under the scrutiny of a lawsuit challenge, the city is in the process of removing some allegedly […]

Planning and Transportation Committees Approve Mobility Plan 2035

The city of Los Angeles’ progressive new Mobility Plan was approved by two City Council committees yesterday. The joint meeting of the Los Angeles City Council committees for Transportation and Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) both approved the plan intact, postponing decisions on sabotage attempts by City Councilmbers Paul Koretz and Gil Cedillo. Streetsblog readers may […]