Today’s Headlines

  • LAT Editorial: Stop Measuring Transit Projects On Whether They Reduce Freeway Traffic
  • Tamika Butler, Adonia Lugo, And Rio Contreras Talk Equity (KPFK Bike Talk)
  • Seleta Reynolds and Phil Washington On Future Of Century City Transpo (Westside Today)
  • Mobility Plan 2035 Messaging Needs To Focus On Choices (LinkedIn Pulse)
  • Early Reviews Positive For Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike-Share (Curbed)
  • Mayor Garcetti Announces New Automated Car Technology Coalition
  • Libertarian Think Tank Proposes $700B Transportation Plan For L.A. County (Curbed)
  • Lower L.A. River Plan Could Boost Southeast County Projects (KCET)
  • Elysian Valley To Host “Path Hack” To Create Safer River Path (EVNW)
  • What Cyclists See When They Drive (CiclaValley)
  • Is This Historic Preservation Just Camouflage For NIMBYism? (Urbanize)
  • The Los Angeles That Never Was: Old Plans, Unbuilt Freeways (Ahbe Lab)
  • A Pacific Electric Streetcar Remnants Map (Militant Angeleno)

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  • AlexWithAK

    The Reason Foundation is some kind of parody performance art, right?

  • Joe Linton

    I wish – I certainly didn’t give them the legitimacy of responding to them via full Streetsblog article rebuttal. It is interesting how car transportation is such a blind spot for otherwise small-government libertarians.

  • Asher Of LA

    I brought it up on a libertarian-ish urbanist facebook group (Market Urbanism), and the proposal was almost universally questioned, more or less.

    The proposal isn’t libertarian. The leading charitable explanation offered for why Reason published it is to nudge policy in a ‘more libertarian’ direction – but even that’s suspect, given that liberal urbanists are touting more libertarian policies successfully than Reason is. Reason is getting outflanked on its own turf by its own ooponents.

    Spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars instead of enacting libertarian friendly economical policies (that progressives often like! Like parking and zoning reforms) is not libertarian, there’s no arguing around that.