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Eyes on the Street: LAPD, Clear Channel and XXX are releasing new billboard against hit-and-run crimes. Image via Clear Channel
Eyes on the Street: This morning, LAPD and Clear Channel Outdoor are revealing a new billboard campaign against hit-and-run crimes. Image via Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Farebox Recovery Percentage Is A Misleading Metric For Metro (Investing in Place)
  • Valley Leadership Calls For Greater Transit Expenditures (Daily News)
  • A Look At the Historic Politics Of Valley Secession (Tropics of Meta)
  • West Covina Cyclists Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver (SGV Tribune)
  • Carson Cyclist Killed By Shipping Container Falling From Truck (LAT)
  • County Supervisors Approve Affordable Housing Plan (Sheila Kuehl, KPCCLAT)
  • County Supervisors Approve $2M For Exide Clean-Up (LAT)

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  • D G Spencer Ludgate

    In the article “Farebox Recovery Percentage Is A Misleading Metric For Metro”, the issue of “Transit Riders Pay Twice” is brought up. Yes, it is true that Transit riders pay sales taxes and then have to pay a fare and in L.A. county freeway access is free. But transit riders receive a benefit by not having to buy gas, pay for parking at their destination, and if they own a car, reduced insurance and maintenance costs since they drive fewer miles.

    For example, I live in the Hollywood Hills and work in Downtown Los Angeles. I use a gallon of gas a day on my commute and pay $250.00 a month for parking. This comes to roughly $315.00 +/- a month. If I were to walk to the Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station and take the train, my monthly commute would cost me $77.00 +/-. Even if I bought monthly parking at Hollywood/Highland, my monthly cost would be $177.00 +/-. As a transit rider, my monthly saving would be $238.00 and $138.00 respectively. Even if I bought a monthly pass ($100.00) instead of daily fare, my transit savings would be $215.00 and $115.00 respectively.

    Do transit riders pay twice – No. They pay for a service instead of buying gas and paying for parking.