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Good for you L.A. Times.
Good for you L.A. Times.
  • Times Relegates Carpool Carping to Letters Section, Guess Nobody in Santa Monica Is Upset (LAT)
  • <Deep Sigh> USC Requiring All Bikes Be Registered Before Being Parked on Campus (Annenberg)
  • Ryu Working on Broken Sidewalk Database (Los Feliz Ledger)
  • Metro’s Rail Stations Rated as Average (LAT)
  • Metrolink Thinking of Shaking Up Fare Structure (SCV Signal)
  • $7 Will Get You a Seat on the Flyaway to or From Long Beach (LAT)
  • How Do You Turn a Landfill Into a Park? (SGV Tribune via Curbed)

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  • Steven White

    Regarding USC bike registration… I thought this was already required, not sure if it’s a new thing. At least we all thought it was back when I was a student 2006-2010.

    And I know multiple people whose bikes were stolen and then recovered and returned to them because they were registered. In such a constrained environment, it’s actually a huge help and really effective, especially because it’s free and simple.

  • Sirinya Matute

    For the most part, it makes sense. But what if I am just visiting campus and I lock my bike up. Does that mean I am subject to confiscation?

    Also it was great to meet you at Camp on Saturday.

  • Steven White

    Pretty sure they just don’t think people would ever visit campus via bike. And those who might are the ones they want to keep out by locking the gates at night (a policy I firmly disagree with and have stated so in alumni survey after alumni survey, among other means).

    And yes, same to you! Saturday was fantastic.