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  • Asher Of LA

    This is the first I’m hearing of Schank, but the prognosis does not look good. His policy prescriptions would continue the status quo of forcing people to pay for highways. The logic is “hey, gas taxes can’t be raised, so let’s just make general taxpayers fund highways.”

    “One option is to dedicate part of the income tax revenue that
    corresponds to transportation’s contribution to gross domestic product,
    or about 10 percent (around $160 billion). Dedicating even half of that
    to transportation would cover America’s needs and effectively align
    transportation with economic growth.”

    He seems to take our need for auto-centric infrastructure as a given, cost and alternatives be damned. So it’s all a matter of securing convenient funding – the income tax!

    Plus, his proposal of linking transportation funding to its share of GDP is perverse. That would mean the more expensive transportation is, the more we should fund it – brilliant, for anyone in the transportation industry – they get rewarded for being costly! Transportation is mostly the transaction cost of doing what you really want to do.