Rest in Peace, Howard Krepack

I first met Howard Krepack in the late fall of 2010. After a brief hiatus, Streetsblog Los Angeles had just “re-launched,” backed by a new non-profit and with a budget so small that I was working full-time on a part-time contract that we couldn’t even afford.

Howard Krepack, sporting a Velo Club LaGrange polo.
Howard Krepack, sporting a Velo Club LaGrange polo.

I was seeking an advertiser. Flying Pigeon was our sole advertiser, and we were trying to fill out the sidebar and generate more revenue. Krepack was excited to be an advertiser, but wanted to do more. He wanted to introduce us to more people. He wanted a column to help readers know their legal rights and be prepared in case of a crash. He wanted to work with us, the LACBC, and other advocates to make streets safer.

I only saw Howard a few more times before he was struck by ALS — at the River Ride, at one of our fundraisers, at the signing of the 2010 Bike Plan. He was happy to see the progress the city and its bike advocates were making. He was more than a funder, he was a partner and cheerleader.

Howard Krepack passed away quietly on Saturday evening. His support and friendship will be missed both by me, personally, and Streetsblog Los Angeles as a publication. His service is to be held today, at 2 p.m.

Howard and his family have created a fund in his honor at The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins under the leadership of Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein. To donate and read more about this fund, please visit:


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