Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Vision Zero: Stakes Are Too High (NBC4)
  • Apps Fostering A Comeback For Carpooling (KPCC)
  • Sexual Harassment An Ongoing Issue For Metro Riders (LAT)
  • San Gabriel Cities Remove 710 Extension From Measure R2 List (KPCC)
  • A Bit More About WeHo’s Planned 150-Bike CycleHop Bike-Share (Curbed)
  • Economic Growth Can Be Decoupled From More Driving (Better Institutions)
  • Pasadena Proposes Minor Reductions In Transit-Area Parking Requirements (Shoupistas Fb)
  • LADOT Retooling DASH System (Downtown News)
  • A Better Rosa Parks Blue/Green Line Station On the Way (Transform)
  • L.A. City Council To Vote Today On Ride-Hailing For LAX (LAT)
  • Fed Dept Of Labor Blocks $700M In Metro Grants – Over Pension Reform (SJ Mercury News)

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  • davistrain

    The LA Times article on sexual harassment on Metro reminds me of my first wife. As a teenager, she used the local bus system (Pasadena City Lines) to get around Monrovia and Pasadena. After a number of unpleasant experiences on the bus, she scraped together enough money to buy a third hand Kaiser sedan–even though she was the only child of a widowed mother. I don’t think she ever set foot on a bus after that. One day when we were driving through Monrovia, she pointed out a man sitting on a bus bench and identified him as the weirdo who harassed young women and teenage girls on the local buses. I was tempted to stop and give this sleazoid a sound thrashing, but figured the jail time wasn’t worth it, and it could have been a case of mistaken identity.