Today’s Headlines

  • LAT Maps L.A.’s Pedestrian Accidents
  • Gas Prices Are Spiking (KPCC)
  • California’s “Spread the Pain” Approach To Transportation Infrastructure (KPCC)
  • Book Exploring L.A. the Low Carbon Way (KCET)
  • Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Lawsuit Filed Friday (LAT)
  • Program Allows Drivers To Trade Gas Guzzlers For Electric Cars (Pasadena Star News)
  • Chart Compares Cities Bike Mode, Bike Fatalities (Facebook)

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  • Alex Brideau III

    “LAT Maps L.A.’s Pedestrian Accidents”

    I would put “Accidents” in quotes here, as a pedestrian-involved collision (or any collision, really) is only an accident if it could not reasonably have been expected or foreseen.