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  • Garcetti Overrules Commission In Favor Of Large Scale K-Town Development (LAT)
  • L.A. Sustainability pLAn Could End L.A. Smog (Cities Speak)
  • More Boyle Heights LAPD Patrols On Foot, Instead Of Cars (LAT)
  • Pro Soccer Stadium Proposed Next To USC (LAT)
  • Why Do Car Deaths Get Less Attention Than Train Deaths (Rebuilding Rust Belt)
  • Cap and Trade Key To Governor Brown Budget (LAT)

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  • davistrain

    Why do car deaths get less attention than train deaths? Or as has often been said, the US motor vehicle-related death toll is roughly equivalent to a loaded jet airliner “buying the farm” every other day. One factors is that the “body count” in car crashes is usually from one to four–we don’t have the scores of casualties typical of airline disasters. Then there’s the suspicion that the media have a bias against showing how dangerous motor vehicles are because of the ad revenue that “motordom” generates. We could also consider that passenger train wrecks are big news because they are so infrequent, and they tend to be more destructive than highway collisions that don’t have a bus or a big rig involved. And for most Americans, especially outside a few major metro areas, car travel is part of everyday life, while a flight or train ride is a special occasion.