Today’s APRIL FOOLS Headlines

Real Serious Headlines Coming Mid-Day Today

  • Cicla Valley

    Great work on the headlines. Had me rolling!

  • James

    This appears to be a quantity vs. quality issue. Again. Shouldn’t April fools, in the contect of internet media, be about producing a believable story that can become viral before it is debunked? You should have come up with a single story, hidden in amongst actual headlines, that could have convined the more gullable, sat back and watched it go to work. Ideally something that would have involved confusing/fucking with Cedillo’s staffers.

  • James

    Here’s one: CHP officers encourage correct use of sharrows, remind cyclists to take the lane on narrow streets.

  • We mix it up. We’ve done those kinds of AF stories before and headlines. Not the Cedillo part, but the other part.

  • Joe Linton

    We actually hid a real story in there

  • JohnRich

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