Trick or Treat: LADOT Gets It Right on Halloween

This year the LADOT released its annual safety guide for Halloween, a tradition that dates back to 2008.

Uhm, ok. Image:## Pics##
Uhm, ok. Image:## Pics##

And honestly, it makes me kind of proud.

You see, Streetsblog has a history with LADOT on Halloween. Back at the Streetsblog L.A. predecessor site, Street Heat, we needled LADOT for not providing safety tips as is common with agencies around the country. With some families exploring their neighborhoods at night for the first time, the world’s unofficial pedestrian holiday provides a good time to get some free press around safety issues.

The next year, LADOT did publish…but the guidelines were kind of weak. They focused on how to keep your kids from getting run over (good!) but didn’t mention anything to the people that might be doing the running over (bad).

A couple of years later, the agency finally added tips for drivers, much to our delight. Even more exciting, the tips started to be picked up by local TV stations.

So now, as parents are picking up their kids and getting ready for a big night out, we are happy to republish the LADOT safety tips.

Be safe out there kids, parents, and drivers. Have a good night.


LOS ANGELES – The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) wants to remind parents that Halloween is a great time to teach children about pedestrian and traffic safety. We also want to remind drivers that pedestrian safety is their responsibility, too, and they should drive carefully especially when children are present.

Parents and other adults can help kids by demonstrating safe pedestrian behavior this Halloween.

LADOT has issued simple guidelines to help safeguard children on Halloween night and whenever they walk in their neighborhoods at night.

1. Drivers: Watch out for our littlest Angelenos
2. Adults should accompany children and follow and teach safety guidelines
3. Carry a flashlight
4. Cross streets only at intersections and walk within crosswalks whenever possible – never cross in the middle of a block or between parked cars
5. Look both ways when crossing the street as well as driveways
6. Walk in well-lit areas whenever possible
7. Wear bright costumes if possible or use reflective tape on clothes and treat bags so that drivers can see you
8. Choose costumes that are flame-retardant
9. Remove masks that limit vision before crossing streets
10. Be safe, be smart, have fun

“We want to remind everyone to drive safely and be alert, especially in residential neighborhoods so that children and families out walking together can have a safe and happy Halloween,” said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds.

For more information about pedestrian safety, visit LADOT’s website at .

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