Today’s Headlines

  • 10th CicLAiva Isn’t That Big A News Story Any More (LAT photos, The Source)
    Early CicLAvia Video Coverage (Joe Anthony, Cycling Across L.A.)
  • UCLA Research Shows Household Gender Inequality Fosters Cycling Gender Gap (Guardian)
  • Carnage: Two Horrific Car “Accidents” Kill 10 People Last Weekend (KPCC)
    Car Vs. Canoga Park Donut Shop, One Fatality (KPCC)
    Multi-Fatality Chino Car Crash (LAT)
  • More Public Transit Dollars Going to Metro Red Line Free Parking (Post Periodical)
  • Long Beach Looks To Add Walk Path Along Beach Bike Path (Gazette)
  • Excessive Hit-and-Run Crime on San Fernando Rd, PD Captain Bert Calls Them “Accidents” (Los Feliz Ledger)
    Doesn’t Sound Like CD4 Candidates Will Take These Crimes Seriously Either (Los Feliz Ledger)
  • Long Beach’s Haunting New Underwater Mural (LongBeachIze)
  • Experts Don’t Pity the Poor Suffering Driver (CityWatch)
  • Two New Parklets Unveiled During SF Ciclovia (SB SF)

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  • MaxUtil

    RE: Metro building more free parking.
    Even if you assume that all 200 of those people would have driven instead of taking the train (which is questionable), that works out to $7,000 per rider. That’s not even accounting for the opportunity cost of whatever else could be done with that vacant lot. And that is to provide free parking in an area where there is so much demand for parking that every spot fills up every day.

    Why doesn’t Metro manage their parking lot demand by charging at least some minimal fee for parking and use that (as well as the savings from not building more parking) to improve service, reduce fares, or one of the other numerous things that could do that would likely result in a lot more than 200 more people riding the system?

  • Joe Linton

    Yes – and – it’s been irritating to me that the press release (quoted here: ) says how the NoHo parking fills up by 9am… but actually there are lots of vacant spaces at 9am – about half of the paid spaces. The free NoHo spaces fill by 7am.

  • davistrain

    I was amused by the LA CD 4 candidate who advocated “rubber wheeled trolleys” for transit improvements. We already have them–they’re called BUSES. Disguising a commercial vehicle chassis with a fake streetcar body doen’t make it a real trolley car.

  • Dennis_Hindman

    That CD4 candidate also said that since 99% of residents use cars for trips, then decreasing car lanes for bikes is not a good idea.

    According to Census Bureau household surveys, even Beverly Hills doesn’t have more than a 81% commuting mode share for cars, trucks and vans. This CD4 candidate seems to believe that since she sees cars taking up 99% of the road space, then obviously 99% of all trips are from people driving themselves. Its as if she believes we are living out in the country in Wyoming rather than the second biggest city in the U.S.