Today’s Headlines

  • 10th CicLAiva Isn’t That Big A News Story Any More (LAT photos, The Source)
    Early CicLAvia Video Coverage (Joe Anthony, Cycling Across L.A.)
  • UCLA Research Shows Household Gender Inequality Fosters Cycling Gender Gap (Guardian)
  • Carnage: Two Horrific Car “Accidents” Kill 10 People Last Weekend (KPCC)
    Car Vs. Canoga Park Donut Shop, One Fatality (KPCC)
    Multi-Fatality Chino Car Crash (LAT)
  • More Public Transit Dollars Going to Metro Red Line Free Parking (Post Periodical)
  • Long Beach Looks To Add Walk Path Along Beach Bike Path (Gazette)
  • Excessive Hit-and-Run Crime on San Fernando Rd, PD Captain Bert Calls Them “Accidents” (Los Feliz Ledger)
    Doesn’t Sound Like CD4 Candidates Will Take These Crimes Seriously Either (Los Feliz Ledger)
  • Long Beach’s Haunting New Underwater Mural (LongBeachIze)
  • Experts Don’t Pity the Poor Suffering Driver (CityWatch)
  • Two New Parklets Unveiled During SF Ciclovia (SB SF)

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