Today’s Headlines

  • OC Sheriffs Blame Cyclist Victim in Gatorade Bottle Throw Incident (Biking in L.A., OCRLAT)
  • Expo Line Free Parking Woefully Inadequate for Far-Flung Residents (City Watch)
    But, wait, the Beauty of the Expo Line is That “EVERYONE” Already Rides It (LA Sentinel)
  • Seleta Reynolds Was Busy in San Francisco, Left Unfinished Projects (LAX CarShare)
  • Downtown Santa Monica 5-story Expo Line TOD at Planning Commission Tonight (SM Next)
  • State Repeals San Fernando Valley Rail Prohibition (Curbed)
  • Exide Plant Agrees to Limits on Arsenic Emissions (LAT)
  • Caltrans Selling Some Homes Not Needed To Build 710 Freeway Alternatives (Daily News)
  • Pasadena Adds Buffer To Its New York Drive Bike Lanes (Boy on a Bike)
  • How to Make LB 3rd Street’s “Cracked and Bumpy Mess” Safer to Bike (LongBeachize)

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  • Niall Huffman

    The LAX CarShare post re: Reynolds is a hacky hit piece.

  • Kenny Easwaran

    That entire blog actually appears to consist of hit pieces on Metro or on other car share companies.

  • Joe Linton

    yes – I agree. I ran it more-or-less to be able to critique it… Of course GMs are going to leave unfinished projects behind at their former agency.