Electric Bus Company BYD Offers Private Tour with So.CA.TA. on Friday

Dignataries from Shenzhen, China, Los Angeles and BYD at the grand opening of their North American Headquarters in L.A. Live. Photo:##http://www.ecns.cn/2011/10-25/3292.shtml##ECNS##
Dignataries from Shenzhen, China, Los Angeles and BYD at the grand opening of their North American Headquarters in L.A. Live. Photo:##http://www.ecns.cn/2011/10-25/3292.shtml##ECNS##

(In the absence of a “Week in Livable” Streets Events, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite events coming up this weekend – DN)

Electric bus manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) has kindly offered Southern California Transit Advocates an opportunity to tour their electric bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster this Friday, July 11th. The tour group can include up to 20 people and at this time we have about 10 members who have made a reservation.

Since open slots are available if any Streetsblog readers would like to join us you can contact me by Wednesday (tomorrow) afternoon at dgabbard@hotmail.com to join this rare opportunity to see how buses are built. Only cost is for transport and any incidentals.

Here is the schedule for the trip:
Leave LA Union Station on Metrolink train #205 at 8:30 am (one way ticket $15, senior disabled $7.50 – round trips are $30 and $15 respectively)
Arrive in Lancaster at 10:40 am

The address of the plant is 46147 BYD Boulevard, near the intersection of 7th St. W and W Avenue G.

Options for getting to the plant from the station:

It is slightly over two miles on Sierra Highway, or 40 minutes.

For those who wish to ride the bus:
AVTA Line 7 at Sierra Highway and Lancaster Bl. 11:30 am
Arrive at Avenue H and 10th Street West 11:40 am
The Metrolink ticket is good for free rides on local AVTA services (and the North County TRANSporter) during the day of purchase

There is a gas station and sub shop at Avenue H and 10th Street West, for those who need to grab a quick bite. The distance from the bus stop to the plant is just over 1/2 mile.

Tour begins at 12:30 pm.
They did not give us a duration but we expect it to last no more than 2 hours.

Return: AVTA Line 7 south at 3:05 pm to Palmdale Metrolink at 4:00 pm
or walk back to Downtown Lancaster, and AVTA Line 1 at 3:10 pm at Sierra Highway and Lancaster Bl. to Palmdale Metrolink at 3:55 pm

At Palmdale Metrolink, board North County TRANSporter at 4:00 pm
Arrive Newhall Metrolink 4:50 pm
Board Metrolink 5:13 pm
Arrive LA Union Station 6:10 pm

Otherwise, participants can explore Downtown Lancaster and board Metrolink at 6:05 pm, arriving LAUS at 8:25 pm. The Lancaster library is open until 6 pm and has air conditioning, in addition to the coffee shops and bars in the area.

We wish to thank Micheal Austin and Joanne Wang of BYD for arranging the tour, and SO.CA.TA member Hank Fung for his assistance in arranging the tour and coordinating with BYD staff.


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