Personal Injury Attorney James Pocrass Takes Your Questions

Readers of Long Beachize and Santa Monica Next are familiar with the personal injury law firm Pocrass and De Los Reyes LLP from their sponsorship of these websites.

James Pocrass. Photography by Dennis Trantham
James Pocrass. Photography by Dennis Trantham

Personal injury attorney Jim Pocrass is an active member of the Los Angeles bike community. In addition to our news sites, Pocrass & De Los Reyes supports the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, where Jim sits on the board, and is a sponsor of L.A. River Ride and numerous other events and LACBC publications.

In the lead-up to River Ride, Jim has agreed to answer questions posed by Streetsblog readers. We’ll accept questions through next Monday and send them along to Jim. We’ll publish his responses as soon as we get them from him.

So do you have questions about how 3-Feet-Please laws will impact cyclists? Questions on what to do after a crash or if you’re in a hit and run? Maybe you wonder if you need a police report after a collision or how do you know if you have a case? Post them in the comments or tweet them @streetsblogla or even leave a comment on our Facebook page.

  • traal

    Does a bicyclist who gets hit by a drunk driver have a chance at collecting damages from the city for encouraging drunk driving?

  • Ride LA

    Councilmembers have recently been shutting down proposed road diets that would make well-known dangerous streets safer (sometimes they do so under the guise of “safety”). Would an individual hit or injured while biking (or walking) on one of these notorious streets – after a council member vetoes a proposed bike/pedestrian safety enhancement – have any legal standing to (successfully) take the city or council office to court?

  • John Lloyd

    If you could make three changes to California’s laws to make the roads safer for cyclists, what would they be?

  • Niall Huffman

    What’s the essential information to get after a collision?

  • Gary Puntman

    I have a lot of questions when it comes to personal injury law. I will definitely talk to a lawyer if I ever go through a legal issue. I wouldn’t want to figure all of these things out on my own.

  • Caleb Hart

    I had no idea that cyclists were getting injured so much. I live in a rural community, so hardly anybody can be seen riding a bike. I’m sure that in the big cities, bicyclists are getting hurt quite a bit. Maybe there should be some new laws enacted to protect them.

  • Drew Harrison

    I think it’s really great when people take questions openly. Being transparent can really build trust. And trust is super important when it comes to lawyers. Great post Damien!


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