Today’s Headlines

  • More Good Coverage of Finish the Ride (CPR)
  • L.A. Harbor: LAPD Officer Killed in Hit and Run (LAT)
  • Big Blue Bus Has Chic New Bus Stops (Santa Monica Next)
  • More Lines on L.A. Rail Fantasy Map: WeHo (WEHOVille) and San Pedro (Curbed)
  • SF’s Polk Street Contraflow Bike Lane Opens (SBSF)
  • Insurers Want Ride Share Coverage Same as Taxis (LAT)
  • Scary Train Surveillance Video Moments Before Train Vs. Bike Collision (SFNM)
  • Moving NY Times Profile of Staffers Hit by Cars (NYT)
  • Bicycling Into Church in NYC (NPR)
  • Center for Disease Control Wants You to Drive Less (Bustle)

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  • Mike

    The best reporter quote about the tragic death of the officer was from KTLA’s Eric Spillman, He said something like “a tragic reminder that the most dangerous part of a police officer’s job is not arrests or gun shots, but is just driving from place to place.”

  • Joe B

    “The video is of medium quality, but it clearly shows LeBeau wearing a helmet.”

    Well, I sure am glad that the article pointed out that totally relevant fact.