Eyes On The Street: Sunset Triangle Park Plaza Gets New Paint

Sunset Triangle Park plaza recently received a new coat of paint. Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA
Sunset Triangle Park plaza recently received a new coat of paint. Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA

There’s a fresh coat of bright green paint on L.A.’s Sunset Triangle Park plaza! This space had been Griffith Park Boulevard roadway for many years. In early 2012, it was re-purposed to support local businesses, sitting, eating, walking, and bicycling.

Just as Streetsblog’s Sahra Sulaiman was reporting that it was looking a bit worse for the wear, the city happened to be re-painting. The new paint job looks great, other than being slightly marred by some kind of white wash. No word on whether the original polka-dots will return.

Sunset Triangle Park plaza - fresh, green, but the polka dots are gone! Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA
Sunset Triangle Park plaza – fresh, green, but the polka dots are gone! Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA

More plazas are on the way, including in Leimert Park, thanks to the L.A. City Department of Transportation’s (LADOT) new People St program. Residents or businesses can apply to work with the city to bring a plaza – or parklet or bicycle corral – to your very own street. The initial round of applications are due April 30th – the middle of next week. An annual round will take place each year in October through November.

Where would you like to see a new plaza, parklet, or bike corral?


  • Steven White

    According to the @LADOTPeopleSt twitter account, the polka dots are coming soon.


  • Emmily_Litella

    Greenwashing, taken to an extreme!


  • John Hanson

    The idea occurred to me that LA could make its premier tourist attraction even better for pedestrians if it closed Hollywood Boulevard off from La Brea to Gower. The end result, I imagine, would be very similar to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I’m not sure if a project of this magnitude would be right for the People Street initiative, however. It’s something that might be better as its own project (like MyFigueroa).


  • sahra

    I wish they’d link these projects to jobs/civic engagement and train/hire local youth to help paint flowers or other environmental-ish scenes on that canvas. I loathe the polka dots. There, I said it.

  • Alex Brideau III



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