Today’s Headlines

  • AQMD Rules to Stop Exide Batter Recycling Operations (LAT)
  • Mike Bonin Profiles L.A. City Transportation Committee (LADOT YouTube)
  • Dodgers Bus “Worst Public Transit Experience Ever” (The Source)
  • Actual L.A. Metro Advice on High Gas Prices: “Drive Mindfully” (Metro YouTube)
  • Who’s the Priority Downtown: Pedestrians or Racecars? (LongBeachize)
  • Beach Plaza Hotel Project Draws Union Ire (LongBeachize)
  • Creativity In South East L.A. County (KCET)
  • Santa Monica Next on Why SM Should Get to Know L.A. Councilmember Bonin

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  • Joe B

    What’s wrong with urging drivers to drive mindfully? I wish more drivers would drive mindfully around me.

  • Joe Linton

    It’s Metro – an agency that spends billions every year on transit. I think that they should be encouraging people to beat gas prices by actually taking public transit. It’s off-putting to me that they would encourage people to drive at all.

  • Joe B

    Oh. But, uh, they DO encourage people to take transit. Quite a bit, actually.

    I actually appreciate when Metro acknowledges the reality that for a significant number of Angelenos, the transit system is not yet at the point where it can support an entirely car-free lifestyle. For many people (myself included) going entirely car-free would be very inconvenient, so Metro instructing me to not drive ever would just make them sound clueless. But encouraging me to drive a little less, and to think about the manner in which I drive, is much more likely to reduce my road-miles and minimize the impact when I do drive.