Today’s Headlines – April Fools Edition

Can you spot any real headlines?

  • Film Industry Sues For More Bikeways, Claims L.A. Doesn’t Look like NYC Anymore (Film Law Week)
  • Not-So-Safe-Routes Program: Road Widening, Crosswalk Removal, Speed Increases (That’s Not News)
  • CarLAvia & Fig4Drivaz To Set Aside Car-Full Streets On 150+ Weekdays (Oh Wait, Already Have That)
  • Lorax, Speaking for Trees, Apologies For State of L.A. Sidewalks (Once Lure)
  • Agency to Re-Re-Develop All of Bunker Hill for 9-Story Regional Connector Parking Lot (Parking Robot)
  • Planners Considering Renaming “General Plan” to “General Advice” (Should B)
  • Police Issue 1st Downtown Speeding Ticket of 2014, 1st Txting & Illegal Turn Tix Expected Soon (Blotter)
  • Beverly Hills Thinks Bike Lanes Create Dangerous Conditions and Blind Spots (Curb Your Ed)
  • Study: 92% of Electeds Support Complete Streets in Districts Other Than Theirs (Portraits in Courage)
  • Road Bond Amended, Now Includes Apple Pie and LolCatz (Everyone Likes This)

Real Serious Headlines Return Later Today, and At Streetsblog USA