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Eyes on the Street: Bus Riders Union teatro villains Rail Dracula, the Highway Devil and the Fare Snatcher. photo: BRU
Eyes on the Street: Bus Riders Union teatro villains Rail Dracula, the Highway Devil and the Fare Snatcher. See also links fourth below. photo: BRU
  • Mayoral Support and Popular Groundswell for MyFigueroa (LACBC)
  • Looking Into the Psychology of L.A.’s Hit and Run Crimes (LA Mag)
  • After Deadly Car Crash, City Cracking Down on Venice Boardwalk Activity (LAT)
  • Bus Riders Union Super-Pasajera (Twitter) vs. Fare Increase (BRU, Annenberg TV)
  • Cities Embracing Community-Based Bike Workshops – aka L.A.’s Bike Co-Ops (Governing)
  • Air Pollution Causes 1 in 8 Deaths Worldwide (LAT)
  • Politician: Long Beach City College Should Pay For Neighborhood’s Parking (LongBeachize)
  • Despite Chicago’s Scary L-Train Crash, Transit Still Safer Than Driving (SBChi)
  • Survived Afghanistan, Killed by Bay Area Drunk Driver (LAT)
  • Tales of Seattle’s Early Road Rage: Bike vs. Horse, Ped Conflict (Price Tags)

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  • LAifer

    Does the BRU understand that a large number of bus riders also rely on rail? Or that some of Metro’s buses also take the freeway? I mean, yeah there’s lots to complain about in LA’s mucked up transportation network, but a “Rail Dracula” and “Highway Devil”? Y’all do understand that the food on your plate probably got there via those devilish highways, and many of the people who would be on your side fighting fare increases also take those vampirical trains…. right? Never mind.

  • It is all about perpetual agitation to keep the “struggle” going and the money flowing. Failure is its own reward. The Labor Community Strategy Center has a multi-million dollar budget, and its Exec. Dir. earns $100,000+ annually, as has been documented. They could signal a desire to work out some sort of compromise to assist the urban working class folks who rely on transit they profess to represent. How about a discount pass with a means test? Nope. They say that would stigmatize. Instead they make DOA demands so they can denounce the powers that be for “betraying the masses” when none of their laughable demands happen. Empty theatrics to make an avowed Marxist rich. It is beyond surreal.

  • Dwtn LA

    Wow! Exactly… I thought I was the only sane one that realized what they are doing. Great analysis and spot on. 100% theatrics and games to create wealth for themselves through a fake conflict.