Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. City, Then Owners, Both Responsible for Sidewalk Repair (LAT)
  • “Golden Streets” CicLAvia Event Could Span San Gabriel Valley (SGV Tribune)
  • Its a Lot Easier to Access the L.A. River When you’re Shooting Film  (KCET)
  • Mapping Inter-City Bus Service (Curbed)
  • LADOT Branding Consultant Has New Swag with New Hashtag #Bikela!  (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • (#Bikela Sounds Kind of Familiar: Bicycle Commuter News City Hashtag Database Circa 2010)
  • How #BikeLB Got its City Hall Penny Farthing Sculpture (LongBeachize)
  • L.A. Times Wraps its Roadshare Series with Driver and Cyclist vids

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  • Niall Huffman

    I’d like to point out that nowhere does Karina (who created the stickers) or LADOT claim to have created the #bikela hashtag. I think she knew full well that she was appropriating an existing online identifier that’s already in wide use, though the wording of the blog post could certainly stand to be clearer about this.

  • Also, it sounds like Karina was gamely working for free, probably as an ‘intern’. Calling her a branding consultant seems like we’re mocking LADOT and her work, which is unfair and not true. I like her work – don’t shoot me for saying it’s adorable, in my opinion – and she probably went through multiple iterations of the work and concepting, all for free. Thanks Karina, I can’t wait to display your art on my bike.

  • Joe Anthony

    What Niall said! :)

    Wording could be a little clearer, but I just think it’s pretty awesome that the #BikeLA twitter community has come this far, and Karina’s designs are great! (and I can’t wait to get my hands on some stickers)


    Joe @ the-much-neglected-as-of-late

  • Joe Linton

    The designs look good… but I feel strongly that if someone “appropriates an existing” thing, they really need to acknowledge that when they’re interviewed. Credit where credit due.