The Week in Livable Streets Events

This is a packed week, which isn’t surprising because next week will be less than exciting. There’s something for everyone. : sidewalk repair, progressive road changes, Santa Monica, Bicycle rides and commuter festivals and even a discussion of Metro’s proposed fare changes.

  • sblog_calendarToday – The City Council begins debate of different proposals to increase the rate of sidewalk repair and reconstruction in the city. One proposal explores “P3” options the other proposes to end city fees associated with allowing owners to repair and construct sidewalks in front of their property. The meeting starts at 2:15 in City Hall. Joe will have more on these proposals later this morning. Read the agenda, here.
  • Tuesday – The Santa Monica City Council will consider and hopefully approve plans for the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway, what could be one of the most progressive complete streets in the county. The plan isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darned good, and of course there are forces concerned about reducing car traffic on what is supposed to be a local street. I highlighted some of the best arguments made for the project, at Santa Monica Next.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus holds a series of community meetings to discuss how one of the country’s best mid-sized transit fleets will adjust when the new kid on the block, The Expo Line, rolls into town in two years. It’s good to see someone looking ahead. Tyler has a full preview at Santa Monica Next.
  • Wednesday – The Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee meets to discuss taxis, “downgrading” a road to reflect reduced car traffic and a yet-to-be-announced plan to modernize the road design on a Lincoln Blvd. Bridge. You can read the agenda (minus the bridge) here. The meeting starts at 2 at City Hall.
  • Wednesday -LACBC is partnering with Laemmle’s NoHo 7 to screen the 1979 cycling classic Breaking AwayBreaking Away tells the story about a bicycle enthusiast in a small college town spending his post-high school summer trying to sort out his future, while chasing after the girl of his dreams, and training for the two biggest races of his life. Proceeds benefit the LACBC. Get all the details, here.
  • Saturday – The East Side Riders Bike Club, with C.I.C.L.E., invites you on a community bicycle ride to explore the changes in Watts on the “Ride 4 Love.” This expedition, open to all cyclists, will make three stops including visiting Watts community projects (such as the Mudtown Farms, a future community garden site), housing developments, and the iconic and beloved Watts Towers. Learn more about the ride, here.
  • Saturday – The Southern California Transit Advocates host a special meeting to discuss the proposed fare changes from Metro at  pm at Angelus Plaza. This is the first public forum (outside of Metro Board meetings) where the changes are being discussed. Get the details, here.
  • Sunday – It’s the first annual Bicycle Commuter Festival! We’ve written about this event before (and probably will again…). You can read our preview here, or the calendar listing here.
  • Monday – In celebration of President’s Day, Streetsblog L.A. will not be publishing.
  • Mark Your Calendars! On February 25, LongBeachize is hosting a mayoral forum for the top four candidates for mayor. On March 15, Streetsblog L.A. is holding a party celebrating the Streetsie win of Paul Backstrom.

Did we miss something? Is there something we need on the calendar for next week? Let us know at


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