Today’s Headlines

  • Steve Lopez asks if L.A. should pay for sidewalks or lawsuits (L.A. Times)
  • Tom Vanderbilt questions L.A.’s pedestrian crackdowns (NY Times)
  • Shocker: Official report finds Caltrans woefully car-centric (boy on a bike)
  • UCLA Bike Academy petitions for safer biking on and near campus (Daily Bruin)
  • Culver City’s Culver Blvd makeover includes bikeway improvements (Culver City Observer)
  • L.A. City Councilmembers driving luxury cars at taxpayer expense (CBS)
  • Cycling advocate Greg Laemmle breaking away (Zev Blog)
  • Forget bike lanes, LED street lighting renders L.A. unfilmable (No Film School)
  • San Diego Critical Mass cyclist injured colliding with bike officer (SD Union-Tribune)

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  • How many BTUs or Watts or Barrels of Oil or Soldiers Lives would be saved by making DTLA bike friendly, if that is what is being used to justify the switch to LED lamps?

  • RayS

    The No Film School doesn’t say LED street lighting renders L.A. unfilmable, it just says that it will not have the same appearance (unless adjusted in post).

  • Joe Linton

    Agreed. The same can be said for the green bike lanes downtown, which Hollywood interests weren’t pleased with.