Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Is Emotionally Ready to Gate the Orange Line (The Source)
  • Metro Still Tries to Be Cute with 405 Freeway Closures. We’re All Exhausted (Curbed)
  • Panel “Defeats” Bill Banning Transit Strikes (LAT)
  • Everyone Loves the Cool DTLA (NYT)
  • Except L.A. Weekly, Which Really Doesn’t Like Cool Things (L.A. Weekly)
  • Which Is Too Bad Because the Subway Map for L.A. from Her? It’s Cool (Gizmodo)
  • More Criticism of HSR Allocation in Governor’s Budget (LAT)
  • The Times Doesn’t Think It’s a Good Idea (LAT)
  • Roadshow Readers Attack Idea of Bicycle Licensing Fee
  • Life of Bieber: Drive 110 Miles an Hour and Harass Neighbors with Car? No Penalty. Egg Someone’s House Get Detained, House Searched. (LAT)

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