Have You LongBeachized Today?

Do you LongBeachize?
Do you LongBeachize?

For anyone that’s missed it, after month’s of planning and a week of social media fun, yesterday marked the re-launch of LongBeachize, a popular source for news and views on the Long Beach Transportation scene. LongBeachize ceased publication in March of 2012 before yesterday’s re-launch.

While Brian Addison, the Long Beach writer for Streetsblog Los Angeles (SBLA), will be doing the bulk of the writing, he will continue to work with me and the rest of the Southern California Streets Initiative (SCSI), the non-profit publication that co-publishes SBLA and publishes Santa Monica Next. Contributions will also come from an advisory board that includes Antonio Cruz, Kayte Deioma, Michelle Molina, Baktaash Sorkhabi, and Brian Ulaszewski.

Sorkhabi’s name is familiar to long-time LongBeachize readers. He and Stephanie Libanti were the original editors.

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In the last 24 hours, LongBeachize has published three stories:

Mayoral Candidates Chime In on Bicycling – Brian Addison

Before we go down this gopher hole that is the Long Beach mayoral race, let’s get one thing cleared: can we please, for the love of all things diplo-wheeled, not use the term “CicLBia” for the maybe-could-happen Long Beach ciclovía? I know mayoral hopefuls Doug Otto and Vice Mayor Robert Garcia are a fan of the term, but it is an all-too-close reference to female anatomy minus one letter (and despite what other vowel you insert between the L and B, the resemblance still remains).

The Man Determined to Connect Downtown to the Water: Sean Warner by Brian Addison

“Bringing more parking downtown doesn’t bring people downtown,” Warner said. “It’s people on the streets that attract more people. And people, especially in Southern California, are beginning to realize this.”

Welcome to the New LongBeachize – by Damien Newton

“But the intention is for LongBeachize to provide coverage about what makes this city unique, including but not limited to bike culture, Long Beach Transit, the Ports and Airport, skateboarding and freeway removals.  With the recent adoption of the updated Mobility Element of the Long Beach General Plan and upcoming updates of the Housing, Land-use and Urban Design Elements, there should be significant changes to the city’s urban fabric.”


LongBeachize: BYD Electric Bus Procurement Further Delayed

The BYD Motors drama is quickly becoming the novela of the transit community in Southern California, as the bus manufacturer—via Long Beach Transit (LBT)’s Rolando Cruz—is expected to delay the delivery of LBT’s electric bus fleet. The troubled bus manufacturer, whose North American offices in Los Angeles are operated by China-based BYD, controversially scored the contract with LBT this […]

Meet Our New Teammates : Melanie Curry and Joe Linton

As anyone that follows us on Facebook already knows, Streetsblog Los Angeles has two “new hires” starting on February 1 that will dramatically change the way our publication works and what we will be able to cover. I am pleased to announce that Melanie Curry and Joe Linton will be joining Sahra and myself as […]

Long Beach’s First Ever Beach Streets Ciclovía – Open Thread

How was your Beach Streets? Long Beach, the aspirational most bike-friendly city in America and demonstrably the most bike-friendly city in L.A. County, has joined the ranks of cities hosting open streets festivals or ciclovías. Long Beach’s first ever Beach Streets was full of camaraderie, chillness, and community. For a photo essay, see our sister site […]
Metro lukewarmly approved the $6B 710 Freeway widening, though expediting only early action projects for now. The top image is the existing ("no-build") configuration. "Preferred alternative" 5C would add two new general purpose lanes to most of the 710 Freeway between Long Beach and the City of Commerce. Image via Metro staff report

Metro Board to Vote on $6 Billion Lower 710 Freeway Widening

This week Metro board committees are considering approving a distinctly backward-looking $6 billion project to widen the 710 Freeway through southeast L.A. County. It is difficult to believe that, in the 21st Century, Caltrans and Metro are still seeking to spend billions widening a highway in order “to improve air quality, mobility, and quality of […]