Where’s Damien?

Sorry for the delay in getting our content up today. I’ve been out of the office doing some research for an upcoming series of stories. So where was I? I’ve put a teaser video above, and the first person to correctly say where I was this morning in the comments section wins a Streetsblog t-shirt.

  • madelinebrozen

    Expo bridge over Westwood Blvd?

  • Close…

  • madelinebrozen

    Bridge over Sepulveda? Am I right it’s a new expo bridge?

  • Kevin Dumler

    expo bridge over farmdale?

  • Kevin Dumler

    *Over exposition at farmdale

  • It is an Expo Bridge, but father west than anything guessed.

  • Kev


  • Niall Huffman

    Expo bridge over Olympic.

  • AlexHirsch

    Expo bridge over 26th?

  • Our winner. I was in Santa Monica on the Expo Bridge over Cloverfield/Olympic. I’m walking west at the moment.

  • Niall Huffman


  • unit one

    right by the old motor yard.


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