Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Seriously Planning for Next Sales Tax Initiative (The Source)
  • A Great Profile of Jennifer Klausner, the Head of LACBC (LAT)
  • Huizar Needs Help on Broadway/Downtown Streetcar. Get Someone. (DTLA News)
  • Departures Gives In=Depth Look at Warner Center Plan (KCET)
  • A Look at LB’s Terminal Island Highway Freeway Removal Project (LAT)
  • City Fixes Depressing El Sereno Sidewalk with Asphalt (Eastsider)
  • But Bureaucracy Often Hampers Property Owners from Fixing Sidewalks (City Watch)
  • Connect to the Connector, City Plans Ped. Bridge for Soto and Hope in DTLA (DTLA News)
  • Expo to SaMo Is 50% Complete (SM Mirror)
  • A Back Handed Compliment to Irvine’s Great Park (LAT)
  • Transportation CA/Builer’s Group Calls for Truck Tax to Replenish Highway Funds (Press Release)
  • Papers Starting to Complain of High Cost of Consultants for CAHSR (Fresno Bee)
  • DTLA Continues to Attract New Office Tenants (DTLA Rising)
  • Witnesses Say Venice Boardwalk Driver Was Aiming for Pedestrians (Daily News)
  • Distracted Driving Is Hilarious (LAT)

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  • Kenny Easwaran

    I can’t believe that editorial about the downtown streetcar ends with this oblivious claim: “If he doesn’t, the opportunity could be squandered, and people will have to continue to get around on foot or by car.”

    Have they looked around downtown and seen how many people currently get around by means other than foot or car? Every street from Figueroa to Main has at least 4 bus routes on it right now (Figueroa, Flower, and Hope are mainly Foothill Transit or express buses, but the others all have at least 5 regular Metro local and rapid buses), and there’s both the existing Red/Purple line subways, and the coming Regional Connector subway. Not to mention the bike lanes on 7th, Spring, Main, 1st, and 2nd. This editorial seems to have gotten the opinion that the people that matter don’t ride buses and don’t bike, so it’s either a streetcar, or they’re stuck with car or foot. (I can understand ignoring the subway, since it’s only got three stops here.)

  • Juan Matute

    The irony of the squandered opportunity of course being that Broadway will be “back” well before the streetcar is ever constructed.

    Perhaps the promise of a streetcar is the best economic development catalyst of all? (1) Get people to think about an area differently and make investments planning for the eventual project. The land use and streetscape changes will increase accessibility in the area. (2) Serve the mobility need more cost-effectively with buses and bike infrastructure. (3) Roll the $200M+ in promised funding to another area and goto 1.

    Eventually credibility will erode given the multi-round game, but this seems like a great way to stretch a dollar.

    And no, I don’t think the promise of the streetcar was solely responsible for the changes on and around Broadway. I think voter approval of funding for the streetcar was one indicator of more complex changes happening in the area.

  • Joe B

    I thought Expo phase 2 was originally scheduled to open in 2014, then got delayed to 2015, and now to 2016 per the Mirror? That’s disappointing.