Young Professionals in Transportation: TOD, Transit Oriented Drinks

YPT-LA is excited to kick off a new series of events combining two of our favorite activities! Transit-Oriented Drinks will gather at a great bar within spitting distance of a Metro station. Have a suggestion for our next TOD event? Let us know in the comments!

33 Taps is located at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, across the street from the Hollywood/Vine station entrance.


What Was Missing from Last Week’s T.O.D. Conference

(Earlier this week, Gloria Ohland reviewed what happend at last week’s T.O.D. Conference hosted by the Urban Land Institute.  Today, Stephen Box takes a different look, and examines what was missing. – DN) Photo: Stephen Box The Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Summit, held last Friday at the Hollywood & Highland’s Renaissance […]

Urban Land Institute – TOD Summit 2010

Transportation in Los Angeles is at a pivotal point. We face a historic opportunity to rethink how we plan, fund, and build our future communities. To contribute to this conversation, the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles is initiating its premier Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Summit 2010 to engage public and private sector leaders to discuss pressing […]