Today’s Headlines

  • #roadshare Floats the “JSK for LADOT Boss” Possibility (LAT)
  • Labor, Social Justice Advocates Push L.B. to Cancel Contract with BYD (LB Post)
  • Watch the Chinatown Robo-Parking Garage In Action (Curbed)
  • Photos: When the Orange Line Was Rail (KCET)
  • More on the SaMo Lawsuit Against the FAA over SMO (Lookout, Healthy City)
  • Ventura Supes Consider Ban on Fixies on County Trails After Crash (VC Star)
  • Hyperloop! (NBC4)
  • We Agree with Nury, It’s Sad There’s Only One Woman on the City Council (KPCC)

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  • Joe B

    The VC Star has a paywall. Does anybody know what the ordinance actually says? Several other articles define fixies as “bicycles without brakes”, so who knows what the heck they’re planning on banning.

  • I believe they are thinking of banning all “bikes without breaks,” but I’ll research.

  • Josef Taylor

    Bikes without brakes are already banned by state vehicular code, aren’t they?