A Peak Behind the Curtain: Metro Posts Revised Organizational Chart

Metro Revised Organization Chart Oct. 17, 2013 by dgabbard2

For those of you with a Kremlinologist-like focus on the internal workings of Metro, here is a real treat: the revised organization chart for Metro management dated Oct. 17, 2013 that outlines impending changes therein. The most informative section is “General Questions and Responses” (pp.15-20) which acknowledges seeming concerns raised by Metro staff about the changes brought about by this reorganization. It stresses there are no planned layoffs and that implementation will occur over the next few months (page 16) .

Great emphasis is placed on the intention behind these changes being the facilitation of the delivery of Measure R projects. Also of note to us transit users is there are no changes to operations (the folks who run bus and rail service) contemplated (page 7).

Kudos to regular Streetsblog L.A. commenter Calwatch for bringing this to my attention. In case the formatting is a little funky on your computer it is also available at this link.

Consider this a post-Halloween treat to nibble and digest. Okay, comparing this to a candy bar may be a bit of a stretch…


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