Bike Nation Lives…in Fullerton

Bike Nation kiosks are going up in Fullerton. Photo via Bike Nation

Reports of Bike Nation’s demise are at least somewhat premature.

The Bike share company began station installations in Fullerton last Friday and over the weekend.  The newly installed stations are at Fullerton’s City Hall, Transportation Center and the (South of Commonwealth) SOCO Parking Garage.  Additional installations will be completed this week.

This first round of installation is funded by a grant from the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA). The $1.5 million OCTA contract will install a total of 165 bikes and 15 stations at a variety of locations within the City. In addition, Bike Nation committed to co-invest in the program by adding up to 35 stations and 350 bikes to the Fullerton system, resulting in a potential bike share reach for Fullerton of 50 stations and 515 bikes.

As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 135,161.

Following the disappointing news of a rollback of the pilot program in Anaheim and the news that Mayor Eric Garcetti is pushing for a regional bike share system that seems to be reversing a previous position to wait for a “free” system from Bike Nation; the Fullerton installation is a sign that the Orange County based bike share firm is alive and not out of the game.

Streetsblog will follow-up and provide more details on the system when it opens and as the rollout continues.


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