Tell Us Your Hyperion Horror Story

Leave your comments below, and join us on Monday!

Monday is the big public hearing on the proposed redesign of the Glendale-Hyperion Complex of Bridges. While groups of advocates are preparing formal comments on the dangerous proposed redesign, and its potentially dangerous impact to the surrounding communities, we believe that the personal stories of dangerous commutes and unsafe situations may be what carries the day.

So we’re inviting you to share your Hyperion Horror Story with us in the comments section. Breezed by a speeding car? Forced off the road by a clueless commuter? Let us know and we’ll submit all of your stories as written comments at Monday’s hearing.

Formal comments are due before the close of business on November 7th, you can email comments to Tami Podesta, And don’t forget, Streetsblog will Live Stream Monday’s hearing on Streetsblog TV.


Asm. Gatto: Don’t Turn Hyperion Bridge Into Highway

As reported on Tuesday, Assemblyman Mike Gatto is now the first elected official to publicly oppose the currently proposed redesign of the Hyperion Viaduct over the Los Angeles River. Critics of the redesign argue that the proposed widening the lanes and adding crash buffers will only encourage more unsafe driving both on the bridge and […]

The Looming Disaster of the Hyperion-Glendale Bridges Re-Design

Earlier this week, Streetsblog published an article about how the Hyperion-Glendale Complex of Bridges Rehabilitation Project was giving short shrift to bicyclists and pedestrians and everyone that lived in the area. At the time, based on information provided to us by the Bureau of Engineering, I assumed that the issue could be resolved by arguing […]